Harrison landscape.

Bull Shoals Dam Route

Scenic Drives

Route Distance: 100 miles with 326 curves.
Gasoline Locations: Harrison, Bellefonte, Bull Shoals, Gassville, Flippin, and Yellville
Time Frame: 2 hours, 6 minutes

The Bull Shoals Dam Route takes you east out of Harrison through beautiful farmland and across Crooked Creek to Bull Shoals Lake where you will cross the 256 foot high Bull Shoals Dam. The Bull Shoals Lake covers over 71,000 acres and is used by both boating and fishing enthusiasts. The route passes many attractions including the Bull Shoals-White River State Park and the James A. Gaston Visitor Center where you can learn the history and ecology of the lake. The visitor center is situated on a high point across the dam from the rest of the park's facilities. The center offers a spectacular view of the White River, Bull Shoals Dam, and Bull Shoals Lake. This 15,744-square-foot visitor/education center is named in honor of Jim Gaston of Lakeview, owner of Arkansas’ renowned Gaston’s White River Resort.

The James A. Gaston Visitor Center serves as the primary visitor contact point at Bull Shoals-White River State Park and is the focal point for the interpretation of the White River, Bull Shoals Dam, Bull Shoals Lake. Interpretive exhibits are featured throughout the lobby, gift shop, Johnboat Theater, and 1,720-square-foot Exhibit Hall filled with images of the river, lake and dam. These state-of-the art exhibits, and the video presentation in the theater, share the histories and tell of the fisheries these waters hold. The center also includes an observation tower, gift shop, two classrooms, and the park staff's offices.

Directions: Depart Harrison following US Highway 412/65/62 South to Bellefonte. At Bellefonte turn left onto US Highway 412/62 going towards Yellville. Before arriving in Yellville, turn left on AR Highway 202 just past the uneven railroad tracks. AR Highway 202 will intersect AR Highway 178 in Flippin where you will turn left towards the City of Bull Shoals. Follow AR Highway 178 through Bull Shoals, across the Bull Shoals Dam, and through the town of Lakeview. At Midway, turn right onto AR Highway 126 to Gassville. At Gassville turn right onto US Highway 412/62 that leads back to Harrison. Follow the business routes through Flippin and Yellville to enjoy the quaint towns and charming attractions they have to offer.

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