Harrison landscape.

Jasper Disaster

Scenic Drives

Route Distance: 60 miles with 316 curves
Gasoline locations: Harrison, Jasper
Time Frame: 1 hour, 29 minutes

The Jasper Disaster has the name for good reason! Mile for mile, this route is the curviest riding route. The route encompasses the most beautiful scenic section of Highway 7, follows Highway 74 over the mountains and joins Highway 43 in Boxley Valley. The scenic beauty of this route is incredible with its wonderful overlooks, massive drops in elevation and many opportunities to see wildlife like deer, turkey, elk, and eagles. Be sure to enjoy the Elk Education Center along the route as well as Boxley Valley to view the elk herds.

Directions: Depart from Harrison on Scenic Highway 7 South to Jasper. Turn on Highway 74 West and travel to Highway 43 North in Boxley Valley. Take Highway 43 North back to Harrison.

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