Harrison landscape.

Twisted Lady

Scenic Drives

Route Distance: 126 miles with 517 curves.
Gasoline Locations: Harrison, Jasper, Deer, Ponca
Time Frame: 3 hours, 2 minutes

The Twisted Lady Route is named in honor of the famous outlaw Belle Starr who was known as “the Twisted Lady”. Belle used the old mountain trail that is now Highway 327 to visit her lover, Cole Younger and his friends Jesse and Frank James, all illustrious outlaws. Frank James had a home in Newton County and one of their favorite haunts was Alum Cove located along Highway 327. Frank James’ grave is actually located in Snow Cemetery just off Highway 327. The gravestone reads, “Frank James Alias Joe Vaughn 1844-“. Famous Baldknobber, Wash Middleton, AKA Wash Gibbs of “Shepherd of the Hills” fame was shot a few yards behind the Parthenon Store on July 4, 1888 by a U.S. Marshal for a killing in Missouri. It is rumored that Baldknobber Gold is buried in the hills surrounding Parthenon. Come explore this beautiful route through the Ozarks and find out why it was so famous. You might be able to even find some of the famed Baldknobber Gold!

Directions: Depart from Harrison on Highway 7 South towards Jasper for approximately 18 miles where you will take a right onto Highway 74 for .3 miles. You will then make a left onto Highway 327 and travel through the communities of Parthenon and Wayton. You will come out on Highway 16 where you will take a right and ride through the communities of Deer, Swain and Nail. Take a right onto Highway 21 and travel North through Boxley Valley. You will take a right onto Highway 43 and it will take you through Ponca and back to Harrison.

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